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Here are some historical links that will help you learn more about California. Many people think of California as one of the newer states, but the Spanish Conquistadors explored and set up European settlements in the sixteenth century. Sir Francis Drake raided the Spanish Armadas along California's coast during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. At some Missions you can see artifacts brought from Europe that are 600 years old!

Edwards AFB: Desert Region

button Desert U.S.A.
button History of the Antelope Valley
button Edward's Air Force Base


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The California Redwoods

California Redwoods are the oldest trees in the world. They existed during the time of the dinosaurs.

buttonCalifornia's Redwood Coast


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The Missions

buttonCalifornia Missions virtual tour.
buttonCalifornia Missions Interactive
buttonCalifornia Mission Studies Association
buttonCalifornia Mission Studies Assoc.
buttonCalifornia Mission Internet Trail
buttonBio of Junipero Serra
buttonCalifornia Missions Interactive Home Page
buttonThe California Mission Resource Page
buttonRancho & Mission Days in Alta California


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The Gold Rush

buttonExploring the California Gold Rush
California library resource, including photos of artifcats such as drawings by James Marshall.
buttonThe California Gold Rush
buttonThe Virtual California Gold Country
buttonGold Discovery Report of Colonel Mason
buttonThe Discovery of Gold by John Sutter
buttonCalifornia Heritage Collection
Thousands of photos from the Berkley online archives.
buttonCalifornia's Gold Rush Country
buttonThe Land of Glittering Dreams
buttonThe California Gold Rush (teacher created)
buttonIndex to San Francisco History by Subject


California Native Americans

Maidu California has more Native Americans than any other state. Prior to the Gold Rush, more Native Americans lived here than all other states combined.

buttonNative American Tribes in California
Listing of tribes with tribal contacts. Official State of California information.
buttonCalifornia's Lost Tribes
Excellent site with information compiled from the Sacramento Bee. Explains why California's Indians have been shortchanged more than any other tribes.
buttonCalifornia Tribal Sites
You will find a huge list of tribal sites here.
buttonEstanislao's Revolt
Named after a Polish saint, Estanislao became an Indian official with a mission--flee Mission San Jose and lead one of the largest Indian forces ever to fight against whites in California.
buttonThe History of the Mechoopda Indian Tribe
A history of the cultural survival of the Maidu.
buttonCalifornia's Native Peoples
buttonCalifornia Indian Library Collection
buttonMark Franco's Native American Connection
buttonCherokee's of California


Train The Transcontinental Railroad

Crossing the Sierra Nevada Mountains is still considered one of the greatest engineering feats in history. The intersection of the eastbound Central Pacific and westbound Union Pacific railroads actually happened one mile northeast of the famed Golden Spike site, at an unmarked place on the edge of a farmer's field.

button Railroad History for Kids
A great site with links to the history and importance of railroads in the US.
button Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
Photographs, engravings, maps, and documents illustrating the history of the first transcontinental railroad.
button Driving the Last Spike
button Union Pacific
button Town of Corrine
buttonCalifornia State Railroad Museum


Calamity Jane

Women of the Old West

buttonCowgals on the Web
buttonWomen of the West
buttonCalamity Jane


California Info & Tourism

button CA Office of Tourism (student pack on CA history)
button Welcome to California Official California welcome site.
buttonSan Jose Convention & Visitor's Bureau
If you plan on travelling to the San Jose area, there's lots of good information here.
button CA State Parks Reservations 800/444-7275
buttonNational Campground Reservations 800/365-2267
buttonBed & Breakfast accommodations
buttonCA Escapes(state park book) Call 916/653-6995
buttonSacramento Convention/Visitors Bureau


Other California Information

buttonCalifornia Historical Society
buttonCalifornia State Historical Landmarks by County.
buttonCalifornia Historical Societies.
buttonCalifornia State Library.
buttonHistory & Historical Resources
You can find the history of many cities from this section of @LA.
Find facts and info from around the world.
buttonCalifornia Views
Collection of state historical photos.
buttonPalmdale, CA
buttonHistory of Upper Sacramento Valley (Cottonwood)
buttonSan Francisco Bay Area Architecture
buttonOld Time Tahoe
buttonCalifornia State Historical Landmarks
buttonRussian Settlement af Fort Ross in the 19th Century
button California Environmental Resources Evaluation- Index
button Official State of California Home Page
button Official State of California Tourism Page
button UC Berkeley Time Machine- Web Lift for Geologic Time
button Index To San Francisco History by Subject
button California History Outline


Other History Links

button The Concord Review
the only journal in the world for the academic work of high school students.