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October, 2016
RVHOA Endorses Steve Hofbauer

Rancho Vista Homeowners Association has unanimously endorsed Steve Hofbauer for City Council Seat #2. Steve has served the entire City of Palmdale for many years on both the Planning Commission and the Council. Now that our city is in districts, Steve's seat is being contested for the Rancho Vista area. Steve is exactly the kind of politician we need. He answers all of our questions, and he works to make things happen. We can't think of anyone who would be better suited for this council seat!

Please Email!

Please email the following people and demand our promised park! We have seen all kinds of development in the center of town and on the east side. The west side of town has been completely neglected. NOW IS THE TIME since there are monies available specifically for parks. (Palmdale City Manager Jim Purtee) (Mayor Jim Ledford) (Councilman Mike Dispenza) (Councilman Fred Thompson) (Councilwoman R Martinez) (Mayor Pro-Tem Steve Hofbauer) (Michael Antonovich's Office) (Michael Antonovich's Chief Deputy)

We still need help!

We are resposting a letter sent to us by Steve Hofbauer. Please email your city reps. We have all the email address below. This is a situation where your voice can make all the difference in the world! Don't let this opportunity pass!

I have been getting a lot of inquiries into the progress towards getting our neighborhood park, behind the fire station, finally built.

The city staff is well into the next budget, and the excess funds county measure R park tax money we identified, and available for this purpose, has a narrow window. If we want to get the Rancho Vista park built in our lifetime, we need to get neighbors to bombard city manager Dave Childs, Mayor Ledford, as well as councilmembers Dispenza, Thompson and Martinez that this MUST be done NOW!

Ask that maybe some of the Warnack Foundation money be used, along with Park Fees and Measure R County money.

Also Norm Hickling at Antonovich's office, as they have the Measure R checkbook.

Steve Hofbauer
City Councilman
Rancho Vista Neighbor

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City of Palmdale
38300 No. Sierra Hwy.
Palmdale 93550
Contact number: 661-267-5100

James Ledford
Roxana Martinez
Steve Hofbauer
Mike Dispenza
Fred Thompson

Westside School District Board Members:
Joan Sodergren
Steve DeMarzio
John Curiel
Linda Jones
Patricia Shaw

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