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Follow us on Facebook! All of our announcements are now made on Facebook so neighbors can post questions and concerns about the Rancho Vista area. Please see our disclaimer about posting at the bottom of the page.

Notice to Banks and Escrow Companies We are not an official HOA. This is a voluntary and dues free organization which collects no money and does not make policy, therefore we are unable to supply you with CC&Rs or any other official paperwork.

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Rancho Vista Homeowners is a VOLUNTARY and DUES FREE homeowner's group made up of concerned neighbors. Our sole purpose is to advise each other of issues we are facing in our neighborhood. Our Facebook page allows anyone to post, so if you have questions or concerns about the neighborhood, check us out! Our district 2 councilmember regularly checks questions, so it's a great place for community information.

Location of City Hall:
City of Palmdale
38300 No. Sierra Hwy.
Palmdale 93550
Contact number: 661-267-5100

Disclaimer: Please note that RVHOA gets all of its information directly from people who have reported it to us or from public records. We are a group of concerned neighbors who care about our neighborhood. Our purpose is to have an easily accessible neighborhood bulletin board where neighbors can ask questions, report problems, and receive notification of important meetings. We allow all community members to post on our Facebook page. While we are strong supporters of the first amendment, we reserve the right to remove posts if they violate any of our guidelines. All people or entities mentioned in posts are considered innocent until proven guilty and all actions are alleged until proven otherwise, so we ask that your posts respect that. Please refrain from using names if at all possible. We also ask that neighbors never post photos of children for their protection. We do not condone harassing individuals or entities, and if a post is deemed harassing, we reserve the right to remove it and to block the poster.

Rancho Vista is a single family residential