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City of Palmdale

Planning Commission

City and School Contact Information

City of Palmdale
38300 No. Sierra Hwy.
Palmdale 93550
Contact number: 661-267-5100

City Council Members:
Palmdale City Council Members:
James C. Ledford, Jr., Mayor
Mike Dispenza, Councilmember (past RVHOA supporter)
Steve Hofbauer, Mayor Pro Tem
Tom Lackey, Councilmember (past RVHOA supporter)
Laura Bettencourt, Councilmember

Westside School District
341914 50th St. West
Quartz Hill 93536

Board Members:
Gwen Farrell
Joan Sodergren
Steve DeMarzio
John Curiel
Linda Jones

Rancho Vista is a single family residential