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Our Mission

We are often contacted regarding Association support of issues. We are committed to supporting or opposing issues based on our basic mission premises. We will provide information regarding other issues, such as ballot intiatives or assessments that affect our community, but we feel our actual support is informational and should be limited to those premises below.
  1. Maintain the superior property values that we enjoy in Rancho Vista by opposing irresponsible development and encouraging needed development. (opposition to apartments/high density, encouragement to needed and responsible additional single family homes and commercial development).
  2. Enhance the public safety (traffic signals, speed limits).
  3. Support the right of the individual single family homeowner to use his or her property in a responsible manner by opposing overly restrictive zoning ordinances. (Reference our opposition to a zoning ordinance restricting RV parking in fenced side yards on corner lots off the street).
  4. Maintain superior, quality education in our schools.
The Purpose of the Rancho Vista Homeowners Association is to preserve the extraordinary quality of life we have all worked so hard for. This includes the safety of our neighborhood, the condition of our schools, and the value of our property.

As volunteers, we will research governmental action on any level that may affect the environment around us. Our residents will evaluate local politicians, schools boards, school districts, as well as state and federal issues so we may make decisions about what actions to take as a group. Our purpose is to INFORM neighbors of issues that may affect them.

Our purpose is not to interfere with the good sense or moral value of any homeowner/member. Our homes were bought with stipulations in place so the aesthetic quality of our homes is already protected. Rancho Vista Homeowners' Association will not create or enforce any additional CC&R�s that might prove to be invasive.

This association is neighbors helping neighbors.

Our quality of life is made better by our quality neighbors.