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What is Rancho Vista?

It's a place to relax on a sunny Saturday afternoon and say to yourself, " Life is going to be just fine!"

Rancho Vista is the idea place to raise your children. Located on the west side of Palmdale, in the shelter of the scenic Las Pelonas mountains, it's beauty is unique to the Antelope Valley.

Stunning sunsets are just one element of the lovely west side of the Antelope Valley.

Parks and recreational activities are a valuable part of any residents life. Rancho Vista boasts some of the most beautiful parks in the Antelope Valley.

Warm summers and gorgeous winters make Rancho Vista a year-round pleasure. It's "Southern California weather at it's finest".

It's this lifestyle that we at RVHOA are trying to preserve. No dues. No additional CC&R's, just a lifestyle choice and a committment to work together to keep it.
The beauty of Rancho Vista is its scenery and comittment to single family residences