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To directly access the CA DOJ database and see pictures (unlike the LA site) go to

Known felons who live or have lived in Rancho Vista are shown below. No addresses are listed due to legal issues, and you should verify pictures with addresses after you obtain them on the DOJ website. Their crimes were committed against children. Picture ONE and SEVEN are in violation of registration requirements. If you know the correct whereabouts of any of the people shown here or on the DOJ website, there is a link to report them on the DOJ site.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE APPEARS TO BE A HOUSE ON 20TH ST. WEST THAT MIGHT TO BE A GROUP HOME. These pictures are for your family's protection only. RVHOA does not condone any violation of the law, which is why you will need to go to the DOJ website to get all info. Harassing a sex offender or their family is against the law, and RVHOA takes no responsibility for misuse of this info.

The RVHOA encourages ALL people to take advantage of Megan's Law. The more vigilant we are, the less desirable this area will be for sex offenders.
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