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Von's members- Every time you swipe your Von's Club Card, Von's will donate a percentage of your purchase to a listed school of your choice. Go to and register your card online. An even easier way is to download the Vons app where you can manage all your grocery needs. If you are not using the Vons app on your phone, here are the steps for the old "escrips" donation.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "sign up" on the orange bar.
  3. Highlight "Group Name" or "Group ID" and type in the name of your school. Here are the Rancho Vista schools and their correspeonding IDs.

    Rancho Vista Elementary 137588011
    Esperanza Elementary 153141684
    Hillview Middle School 141372383.

  4. On the next screen enter your name and address.
  5. You can enter up to three schools to support.
Rancho Vista is about Quality of Life